Meet Melanin Goddess Khoudia Diop


“She says “they nicknamed me Darky, daughter of the night, mother of the stars”

Every now and again in this lifetime you will come across someone so beautiful you have to wonder, ‘is this person real?”. Khoudia Diop is from Senegal and her dark skin along with her stunning features have brought her a lot of attention including write-ups in Bossip and African Celebs.There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being comfortable in her own skin’

From her Instagram I can tell that she is an artist full of compassion and pride about where she is from. She also works as a model in Paris and New York which is comes as no surprise to anyone because she is absolutely stunning.For all Business send an email to email

Check out her pictures:




|African celebs




Have you ever had a dream of a young child torn away from her mother and given away in marriage to a man old enough to be her great grandfather? Yeah, that was the kind of nightmare i woke up to at 2.00 am . Her screams echoes at every corner of my room,keeps me awake until dawn and gave me this burden in my heart to do something about it...I came up with the solution that if we could help this young child's mother to be self-reliant to be able to take care of her...even educate her, she will not end up in child marriage since her family will not need to borrow money from these Shylocks who want a pound of flesh of their offspring.Call me a dreamer...I won't stop until the nightmare is over. Wish me luck !

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