Nikki Samonas



Nikki Samonas, born Nikoletta Samonas is a famous and popular Ghanaian Actress who has slowly warmed herself up to thousands of Ghanaians. The actresses poise and style is seen today as being one of the best in the entertainment industry with movies played including. Born to Greek father and Ghanaian mother, one would assume Nikki being born with a silver spoon in her mouth but surprisingly enough the actress didn’t have the rosy and fab life we imagined.Speaking at Live Fm’s friday morning show which is a special program ‘Feminine Friday’ mostly held on Fridays for ladies ONLY, Nicky confessed to host of the show MzVee of the painful childhood she had. she said that she used to sell ‘ice-water’ on the streets of Tema as things became very tough for her, reasons which led to this was later opened up by Nikki as being the death of her father who was a very rich man. According to the actress, her father, a captain of a ship, was one of the richest men in greek those days and owned about three vessels during the Monrovia war days. But unfortunately he died as a result of poisoning. That was what started most of her woes. She had to hustle and struggle to make the most out of what life had offered her.If her father were to be alive, according to Nikki, she would have had the best time growing up as a young girl.
Nikki further went on to add that with all that happened to her during her childhood days, she felt the absence of a father in her life and often than not usually loved people who showered her with Care, love and affection.“Because I didn’t have that fatherly love, I always want to have someone who will be there for me all the time, show me all the care,”
she said that the usual mindset people always carried about concerning people who are “half cast” as being born rich with silver spoons in their mouths was not entirely true, as some of them had rather rough days growing up.



Happy Birthday To You Nikki. Thanks for sharing your story…A true inspiration.


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